Chicken Nugget University 2024

chicken nugget university

Thank you for your interest in Phil Wright's intensive program, The Chicken Nugget University! We are thrilled to begin a new journey with you; Emerging into the world of dance, virtually, for young professional dancers! This program will be an ongoing virtual event that will be broken up into sessions. In each session you will have access to 4 group classes, one per week. You will also have an additional 1 on 1 session with Phil Wright in order to specifically talk about your personal goals and questions you may have relating to those goals! During the 4 group classes you will have a Q&A class with an industry professional, collect keys to success in Phil Wright's seminars, and have a mock audition. Each student will be ensured individual attention because we will be locking in an exclusive amount of Nuggets that can participate per session. Below is a breakdown of topics that will be covered and things to expect in Chicken Nugget University:

Young Professionals in the Industry topics: 

  • Dancer/Professional Portfolio
  • Audition Etiquette & Preparation
  • The Pathways to Entrepreneurs in Dance
  • Social Media & Internet Presence
  • Self Worth & Mental Health 
  • How to create a long lasting career
  • Dance Class & Mock Audition
  • 1 on 1 Phil Wright Q&A
  • Industry Professional Q&A
  • Much more!